Return to In-person Worship Info
We are so excited to be returning to in-person worship on Sunday, October 4th! There will be a single blended service in the Sanctuary at 11:00 am. For those who wish to attend in-person, we do ask that you RSVP so that we can accommodate everyone due to occupancy limits. Upon entering we will take your temperature using a touchless thermometer on your forehead or wrist. We will also ask you to verbally respond to the “Health Acknowledgement” poster. Our goal is to come back to worship in a safe and welcoming environment for all!
Of course, we will continue to stream our worship service for those who are not yet comfortable returning and would like to worship at home. We also advise those who are at higher risk to refrain from in-person worship at this time as a safety precaution.
Our Steps to Returning to In-person Worship will be simple:
1.  Submit RSVP (by prior Wednesday)
2. Arrive and have your temperature taken
3. Verbally affirm the “Health Acknowledgment” poster
4. Observe Safe Health Practices at all times
a. Wear Mask at all times
b. Socially Distance (minimal 6 feet)
c. Wash hands & Sanitize
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